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Friday, January 13, 2012

What's Up??

UPDATE: Breton got golf clubs for his birthday - that was what was in the box! 
Help me out:  So I have not seen my shoes that I entered into the CIBC Run For The Cure contest.  I emailed in November to find out if they would be going to a local New Balance store and was told that they were on display at the Bata Shoe Museum well I have not heard anything since then??  It is not that i wanna wear them (maybe for Race Day 2012) but I worked hard on them and they are a tribute to my Mom so if you could email and ask politely where they are I would appreciate it.  Ms dilman has been very helpful but perhaps she'll see how important they are too me if more than one person emails her.  Thanx!

Just sign it: Help save Jasper Park:)

So the house that I grew up in is up for sale and I always said that if it did go up for sale that I would buy it...only one problem, anyone have 1/2 million to lend us.
10 Larsen Crt was the best place to grow up!!  I have such wonderful memories growing up there.  If Jeff and I were to have another child (not possible) we would call him/her Larsen in honour of this house.
Check it out: or google 10 larsen crt for sale royal lepage.
It looks very very different from when I lived there (for 23 yrs)!

Thanx for reading my babble!  Have a great weekend and enjoy all this snow!!!!

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