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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here are a few of my new favourites:
JOE FRESH SOX – some of them have angora in them or cashmere.  I have a few pair that are knee high length and they are perfect for these cold winter days.  Just love them!!!
Quick recipe: (from Manon): Coconut milk and RED curry paste (2 tbsp) mixed with your choice of meat and veggies stir fry style…HELLO yummy Thai dish! 
This SHOUT OUT goes to the couple who runs the dry cleaners @ the Loblaws in Barrhaven.  They have always been so kind no matter what I needed from fixing my children’s snowpants or finishing the zebra placemats I attempted to make for my sis one ChristmasJ
Do you eat the crusts from your bread? Those end pieces...  We usually do not, so I have been freezing them then feeding them to the ducks (not a good idea) so instead I have been processing them in my food processor for bread crumbs.  Does anyone need some?  I have a lot but good to have on hand.  I also keep them in my freezer and only take them out when needed.
Recipe to use Da Crumbs:
Chicken cubed & cooked
Pasta cooked
1 can of diced tomatoes drained
1 can of cream of somethin’ soup
½ a jar of pesto
Sliced mushrooms and/or celery (optional)
Mix all together in a casserole like dish and then sprinkle top with BREAD CRUMBSJ.  Cook for ½ hr at 350F So good!
Just Sayin’
Breton is playing at Scotiabank Place!  Wanna come? Email me for details.
Tis the season for GASTRO illnesses YUCK!!  We had a bad bad bout a couple of years ago and this is what I learned:  use Gravol suppositories !  If your child takes it orally it usually will come back up but the other way, it goes to work they sleep and then it works its way through their body…works for adults too.
Wanna join the Dodgeball Demons?  I have put together a team for Sunday Feb 26th and we may need a few more players. $20 is the cost and it is for F-U-N!!
Also looking for anyone who would like to do the SPARTAN RACE on June 3rd $50 is the cost.  It is a 5K like no other. Youtube, Ottawa Spartan Race to learn more.  Join me if you DARE!!!! Dare to get dirty that is…

My new background for my computer.  Lovin' winter so far!

Breton & his cuz took in Fanfare as part of the NHL All Star Weekend.

Oh ya one day for sure!

Breton's fav player (no comments about this please:)

Went cross country skiing this weekend and had soooo much fun.  It was beautiful the ladies I was with were beautiful and it brought back memories going skiing with my family.  Sunday mornings at Timm Dr...


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture of you skiing:):):) That was F-U-N

Anonymous said...

Great day skiing! Wonderful friends! Perfect moment!