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Saturday, July 23, 2016


"Ya Mom but they are still all looking at a screen."

This is what my son Breton tells me is a problem with the new Pokémon GO app/game.  Even though everyone is still looking at a screen, it is getting people outside!  Especially kids!  At this point, I do not care if they are looking at their screens.  People are outside and moving, walking around in order to collect and benefit themselves while playing Pokémon GO. 

This is very smart by the creators of Pokémon.  All these kids who originally collected and played the Pokémon card game are now twenty somethings, well versed in their personal technology and now they are back in the game.  It is not just the original players of Pokémon playing, children are out and about, even families.  Last night I had never seen so many people out walking in Barrhaven after dinner.

In our society, where obesity in children is so high, Pokémon GO makes me happy, to see kids being more active.  I have even heard of a boy on the Autism Spectrum, who rarely went outside but had a keen interest in technology, because of Pokémon GO, is now out the house collecting characters,

There is not only a physical benefit to this game but also a social element.  At a time when I have even admitted about all three of us in our household, sitting in the same room on different devices, Pokémon GO now has neighbours running into each other, helping one another find and collect these Pokémon characters.

Alas, I am somewhat sad to confess that my Iphone 4S is incapable of downloading Pokémon GO, well played Apple.  I will also admit I have an Iphone SE on order but it is not because I currently can not play Pokémon GO!  I got a really great deal and I am desperate for a better camera.  But honestly, Pokémon GO will be one of the first apps I download.  See ya on the streets of Barrhaven.

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