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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weird Moment Of The Weekend

So I went to Lovely Nails Strandherd and got my brows done.

The girl who did my brows went on and on about how her boss (which is her cousin), he told her not to go on her phone.  She told me she only went on it in order to change the ringtone (cuz the one that she had on was too loud).  Her customer was at the sink washing his hands so...she had a moment.  Anyways, my girl went on and on that she is never ever on the phone except this one time and that her boss is always on his phone.  She was very perturbed and I think she stood up to her cousin (because she is 22 and she truly was not on her phone!).  She needs the job, it's her cousin, but was not on her phone, her customer was washing his hands...I didn't know what to say. "Uh, oh that is frustrating, uh that happened today?" Just had happened. "Uh, that's too bad?"

To be honest, she had an accent and I wasn't sure if she was even speaking to me because my eyes were closed and she was up behind me at my head (I was lying down) and it was a thick accent...

Reminded me of this:

I gave her a good tip to make her day a bit better.

Then I felt my brows and there was sticky wax still??!!

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