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Friday, March 22, 2013

Florida 2013

Sunday March 2013

Travel from Ottawa to Chicago was delayed, luckily Chicago to Florida was delayed, we arrived at 3AM.

Monday March 2013

After our long flight, the next day Breton unwound in these snazzy light up slippers.

Tuesday March 12
Somewhat rainy day, so Grandpa & Grandma's golf was a NO-Go so we visited Imaginarium Children's Museum.

Touch the sea life pool.

Science challenges.


Saw a 3-D movie

Saw some fish, reptiles and amphibians up close

Later that day:


We stopped to see the Manatee (alas Marvin the Manatee was not there).  It was a canal at the base of a hydro plant so when the gulf is cold the manatee come to feed here.
I love manatees, and in high school, for a project, I "interviewed" a manatee, Marvin.  I recorded it on a cassette tape and played it as my project.  Those that were in my class will remember:)
Next time I will take adavntage of the opportunity to kayak with the manatee at this same location.
Dinner at Fisherman's Village.
To be continued...

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