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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Que-pon Queen?

Have you seen the show on TLC Extreme Couponing?  They end up spending up to $1000 and then only paying $5 for the 3 grocery carts full of items.  If I lived in the States I would totally be one of those extreme couponers.  Here in Canada it is not so easy.  I find you end up buying stuff that you normally would not have bought.  There is a great website that can help you double up your savings though.  It is  The feature I love best is COUPON MATCH UPS.  They take the weekly flyers from a variety of grocery stores and let you know what is on sale and whether there is a coupon that you can piggyback to that sale item.  There are also options that let you get the coupons mailed to you or you can get free stuff to try. 

Just thought I'd pass it on!


Michelle said...

"Que-pon". Bahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I knew YOU would get it:) Now I am just going to make a sanDwich after I put up my wreef...Hahahahah