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Saturday, June 6, 2015


Today Daphne and I did a women's self defence course at Stronger You. It was free.

It was awesome! First we stuck red and yellow stickers on each other. She had the yellow, which indicated all the body parts we could use to defend ourselves. Daphne stuck red stickers on me showing where a person could be struck, having an impact on the offender.
We were then separated.  My portion of the course covered so much more than I thought. I walked into the four hour course thinking, four hours is long, how much are we going to be beating on some guy dressed up in protective gear?  Well the four hours flew by with only a five minute break in the middle! We did practice self defence moves from striking to how to escape when someone has you pinned down by sitting on you,  but in addition, we talked about a woman's role in society, the law concerning consent, types of violence, a variety of situations, intuition, awareness, our voice and so much more.  Ironically this all related to my Victimology certificate program I am currently enrolled in at Algonquin, in particular my Women and Violence course.

Their message and the information, was conveyed by stories, asking us questions that made you think and group/partner activities.  I also enjoyed practicing the self defence moves on the pads held by the instructors.  Learned I am pretty powerful if made mad or threatened.

I left the course feeling more confident and assured that I could defend myself.

Oh and the red dots that Daph stuck on me, most ended up on my name tag except for the one on my forehead! Spent the whole class with it there! 

Terms heard that you will have to take the course to understand:

It's on like Donkey Kong
Pull the lawn mower
Act like the cat in a bag
NO is a sentence
Assertiveness is learned
Be twitchy 

I fight like a girl!

Thank you Janet, Denise, Geoff, Bill and the other instructors!

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