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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Check this out!!!!

Dear Art Fans,

We are excited to announce the prospects of a new local

business in your community and need your help!

INX n ART Studio aims to provide enriched artistic

experiences through engaging classes that are specially

designed for children, teens and adults. A new local

professional artist will teach all of our classes. Ranz Dela

Cruz is from Los Angeles, California. He attended AIC - Art

Institute of California. He specializes in a broad spectrum

of Visual Arts such as; charcoal, pencil, watercolour, oil,

graffiti and mixed media. A brand new studio that invites

creativity and ingenuity!

With our new facilities and exceptional instructor, we hope to

invite the community to embark in our creative endeavours.

We will be exhibiting local professional artwork in our studio

gallery and will be hosting various exciting events and

workshops throughout the year to inspire your imagination.

We are reaching out to the community to ask that you write

a short letter expressing your support and need for a new Art

Studio. Please include your name and contact information

in your letter.

You may email, mail or drop off your letter to the following


7322 Mitch Owens Rd. Greely, Ontario K4P 1K8

Thank you in advance for your support!

Warm regards,

Natasha and Ranz Dela Cruz




Lil Ones (3 – 6yrs)

*Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Explore a variety of art materials and techniques in a class

designed as a fun, creative, intergenerational experience for all.

It will include delightful themes such as rainbows, dragons,

fairies, butterflies, fantasy creatures, robots as well as nature and

figurative work. Children and their parent will make a variety of

works of art side-by-side. Enjoy the magic of making Art!

Big Ones (6 – 11yrs)

This super fun class is for engaging and encouraging the younger

artist to enjoy exploring their amazing creativity and imagination!

It includes Drawing, Painting, Design, Collage, Mixed Media, Art

Vocabulary and introduces Art History to our newest artists. It is

never too early to learn about Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da

Vinci, Emily Carr and upcoming new artist. Children are

encouraged in a caring and supportive environment to experiment

with a wide range of materials such as oil pastels, crayons,

pencils and water based paints.

Teens (12 -16yrs)

A visual art program designed primarily for teens. Through

drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and mixed media

students will learn new innovative art skills, technical skills,

knowledge of contemporary visual arts and art history. They are

encouraged to develop their own personal creative process.

Portfolio development and preparation are provided for students

who plan to apply to arts-focused high schools or arts programs in

colleges and universities.

Adult – Pencil

This class will cover a vast range of techniques, shading and

contrast. You will gain an understanding of basic skills for pencil

and charcoal. It is an individually guided course to assist you in

developing your own personal style and imagery whether it is in

realism, representation, expressionism, abstract or classical

drawing. Beginners and experienced people are welcome.

Adult – Watercolour

Combine a range of new techniques with watercolour. Our sessions

deal with issues specific to watercolour such as; value, pigment

application techniques and brushwork, as well as information and

ideas about color and composition. Beginners and experienced

people are welcome.

Adult – Pastels

Students will learn to draw the magic of light and shadow. Learn

to use this soft medium clearly and precisely with no mystery

about the techniques. Methods of Impressionism, creating illusion

of depth, and color design will be included. Beginners and

experienced people are welcome.

Adult – Mixed Media

Combine them all. In this class students will learn how to work

with many different materials together including pencil, paint,

pastels, fabrics and so much more! You discover that any material

may be used for your artwork. Beginners and experienced people

are welcome.

Adult – Graffiti

We believe everyone can learn Graffiti Art. Our intention is to

give anyone the opportunity to experience the sheer joy of creating

art using different styles of font, aerosol spray paint, marker pens

and other materials that professional graffiti artists enjoy.

Learning in a supportive environment, participants are encouraged

to fully explore their creativity in a fun and exhilarating

experience. Beginners and experienced people are welcome.

Open Studio

Bring your supplies or use ours. Instruction when needed in a

casual and creative environment. Teens and Adults are

welcome to drop in and join us!

*Private lessons available upon request.

*Combine any 2 adult classes and get a 10%

discount. Supplies are included in all our classes.

*Ask us about a mural in your home or business

today. We will come out and give you a quote!


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