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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

They don't even smell!

My kids got me a pair for Christmas and since then I have bought 3 other pairs!  They are Under Armour and I get them at Play It Again Sports.
They have cushioning on the bottom and they come up to my knees.  I don't even wear them for sports. They have kept me warm all winter long!


So last week I ran and completed this:

I also did some serious hill running on the treadmill:) and I row row rowed my boat!  Since Monday I haven't trained because I am fighting something and I was wiped out Monday (needed an after work nap:( but I am planning to do my 20k run this Sunday, weather permitting:p not feeling it quite so much these days (the training) but that's how I roll. I know I will "feel" it again and get back into it. Gonna break out the bikes this weekend too. So that will be some fun training!

Now I am gonna go find some old sports equipment to trade in so I can get another pair of socks!!!! There are just so many colours!!!

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