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Thursday, August 4, 2016


Anxiety is a disorder that interferes with everyday life.

I think I have always dealt with anxiety since I was little.  I was a worrier, always over thinking about something.  I believe that is why I can be an introvert in some situations, worried about saying the wrong thing, then worrying that I haven’t said anything during the situation…

For me, I am not consumed with anxiety every moment of every day, then I would never have a good day.  There are days when there is a weight on my chest and I hyper think of a particular thing or things, over and over and over again.  I am full of doubt and at times reduced to tears.  There are times I reach out to talk to someone about what is cycling in my head.  In these moments and the person I reach out to I refer to them as talking me off the ledge.  In those anxiety filled moments I am so consumed with my thoughts of negativity and self doubt that I need someone to break it down for me…talk me off the ledge.  Other times I deal with it on my own, usually writing it out in my journal or I just go to sleep and hope that I feel better and the reoccurring thoughts dissipate when I wake up.  I usually refer to it “as a moment in time” and know that it will pass.  I just wish they would stop occurring. It has become worse in the last three years due to circumstances.  I am trying very hard to deal with it, therapy, exercise, medication and self education.

Thank you to those who have been patient with me and who have talked me off the ledge.  I am forever grateful.

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