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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Everybody Poops

So "pooping" is one of my least favourite discussions. I can clean up my dogs, I have no problem cleaning up babies or small children's accidents (I can hold my breath for real long time) but adult #2s...

It is super important: whether you are doing it or not, the frequency and what it looks like (gag) .


This is what I try to remember anytime I am feeling anxious, intimidated or stressed out about new situations and the people involved.

Remember your worse "pooping" experience and know that that person has probably had a similar situation or worse!! 

Pooping: a common denominator that levels us all.

Oh wow wisdom from the nest  by Robyn...Or I am full of it and it just stinks!

Hahahahaha laughs Robyn hysterically 

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