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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Who knew at 42??

I turned 42 yesterday. Not sure how that is suppose to feel? All I know is that I have learned a few things...

1- I have never been happier
2- confidence can be regained
3- grey hair appears everywhere!!!
4- thinking outside the box and putting your own twist on something leads to success 
5- someone with substance is invaluable
6- being healthy is a good thing
7- I am an athlete. Never really was growing up but on my way to my fourth half marathon... And second triathlon
8- oily skin was a horrible shiny pain when I was a teen but now it's helping keep wrinkles away
9- sunscreen is super important. Sorry to my epidermis for burning you so many times
10- old friends/longtime friends are the best
11- I don't have to wash my hair everyday
12- there are great men out there. I am raising one:)
13- don't save stuff for special occasions use it all now. 
14- I am more independent then ever
15- I can do anything
16- fear leads to regret
17- everything in moderation 
18- don't understand tent camping?!? 
19- eat what you like
20- colour makes me happy
21- running is my medicine
22- use what you have
23- ask the cashier how she is doing
24- sitting doing nothing with people you love is the best
25- try everything- adventure wise, food wise you are on your own
26- watching your kids succeed is an awesome high!
27- a nickname means a lot
28- a real book is better than the screen version
29- flowers are good
30- Canada is an amazing country
31- children are sponges
32- tattoos tell a story just ask
33- always someone worse off than you
34- I deserve to be treated well
35- music motivates
36- eat breakfast
37- got an itch scratch it, if you do not have someone to do it for you
38- everyone does it
39- therapy is awesome
40- all the seasons rock
41- I love my body... Too much?
42- chocolate everyday is ok!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Your best "list" yet! Love it.