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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mrs January

Be careful what you type. It is not Miss January or Ms January but  The others may lead you to  things you just do not want to see;)
What is Mrs January?  It is a great website that shares tips and advice on how to save money, how to make a little money through the internet and even a few healthy recipes.  Mrs January is really Cassie Howard who started the website in 2007 based on being an extreme couponer here in Canada (which can be quite different than the extreme couponers in the USA).  She has a team that helps keep the website running and connecting her followers to the best deals to be had.  It has helped me save. 
At first the website can be overwhelming but once you explore a bit, it can link you to great money saving ideas.  Some of them are Coupon Match Ups, price matching and this is where I discovered Checkout 51 and the great tips about Shoppers Optimum Points. 

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